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Bar Chiaro Scuro in Florence.
Bar Chiaro Scuro in Florence.

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"Chiaro Scuro"
Via del corso, 36r, 50122 Florence. Tel:055 214247
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For a good Aperitivo 22 December 2011 by Martino

This was one of the first places to offer the "Aperitivo" in Florence, now I believe there are many more. Basically you pay for an alcoholic drink and go to the bar to fill your plate for as much as you like food. At Chiaro Scuro are not stingy with the alcohol that goes in your cocktails and the selection of food is good (although I seem to remember that it was in the past even better). They don't mind if you go back to the bar to get another platefull of food. 9 euros for the lot at the time of writing and that should sort you out for the night... :-). Located in the very centre. Good decor, atmoshere and friendly service. Large room inside (not shown in the pictures).

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