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Osteria dei Cento Poveri, Florence.
Osteria dei Cento Poveri, Florence.

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"Osteria dei Cento Poveri"
Via Palazzuolo, 31r, Florence. Tel:055 218846
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Don't miss to have your lunch here 22 December 2011 by Martino

One of the many restaurants / Trattorie you can find in the ever popular Via Palazzuolo. Lovely decor and great atmosphere and a real bargain at lunch time. At the time of writing you can have a full meal (first and second course, water, wine and coffee !!) for an incredible 10 euros. The 10 euros bill is even more incredible if you consider the quality. A bit too rich for my taste but really tasty and refined (not the usual simple trattoria meal). If you prefer you can have instead a pizza (with wine, water and coffe also included). In the evening the price reverts to the usual (more expensive). There are 2 large rooms inside (only one shown in the picture). Not to be missed at lunch time.

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