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"Tonno con la cipolla e i fagioli" - (Tuna fish with beans and onion)
800 g. fresh cannellini or small haricot beans (300 g. if dried);
2 medium sized red skinned onions;
200 g. of tuna fish in olive oil;
Salt and pepper.
Serving: 4-6
Preparation time: 15'
Cooking time: 40'
Difficulty: •

Preparation Method

Boil the beans for forty minutes if they are fresh or for 2 hours if they are dried and have previously been soaked for half an hour. For the correct procedure for cooking beans, please see the relative recipe.

Cut the onion up finely and add to the tuna fish (that you will have flaked) in a bowl. Add the cold, well-drained beans. Season with olive oil, salt and freshly-ground pepper.